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Hamadia Doors welcomes you to choose any of our unique designs and introduce them to a new, relevant audience in your next project.
To date, Hamadia Doors' products have been installed in hundreds of residential projects, office buildings and business centers around the world. Thanks to our trustworthy reputation and fast response, Hamadia Doors have become a preferred choice among contractors, project managers, architects and designers alike.
The benefits are endless when choosing to work with Hamadia Doors:

  • Due to the ever-changing needs of interior design, Hamadia Doors offers a huge variety of interior doors and complementary accessories from 5 different lines – each tailored around a unique lifestyle concept.
  • Our products are crafted from sustainable and durable materials, based on decades of experience.
  • Different lines allow for flexible pricing without compromising on the look and functionality of the final products.
  • Utilizing our experience and knowledge, Hamadia Doors constantly seeks new breakthrough ideas. We now offer Hamadia Smart – a specially insulated interior door which reduces noise in and around the home or office; and Hamadia Design – the latest word in luxurious living.
  • Amounts that count: Hamadia Doors manufactures interior doors designated for large housing projects and office buildings, and can answer the demand for hundreds and thousands of units.

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Exclusive to hamadia Doors: the double advantage door!

water resistance and acoustic isolation

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Hamadia's Aquadoor+

Hamadia's Aquadoor+: a series of water resistant doors, durable in wet environments, floor washing, detergents, scratches and breakage

AQUADOOR silence

Exclusive: high durabilityas well as acoustic isolation, leaving noise out

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