The only acoustic door in Israel that offers noise absorption at 34 decibels, and which is also a registered international patent (patent number 219845). At first glance the door looks like a perfectly ordinary door, and you enjoy a variety of designs from the Hamadia doors' catalog. When you dive into the rich specs you understand the secret. Two-way acoustic insulation, seven layers of material, adjustable acoustic thresholds and double rubber seals (both in the wing and the doorframe). The result is a designed interior door with 30% more acoustic insulation than an average entrance door.
For years, Hamadia Doors has invested tremendous resources and research in the development of acoustic doors. The goal was to combine functional benefits with innovative and inspiring designs. Hamadia Acoustic is the perfect solution for a variety of rooms in your home. For example, it can be a quiet acoustic door in the parents' bedroom or a soundproofed door for children's rooms. Even if you buy just one door from the Hamadia Acoustic series, your quality of life will improve tenfold.

Important to know:
• Acoustic door with insulation up to 34 decibels (30% more than an entrance door).
• Double rubber seals in the door and wing.
• Adjustable acoustic threshold for stopping noises seeping under the door.
• 7 layers of dense material on the inside, including a special acoustic filler with a registered patent made in Germany.
• High level thermal insulation.
• Available in a variety of designs, including oven painting, according to the full Tambour color palette.
• Looks like a standard interior door that can be integrated as part of the design of all other doors at home.

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Exclusive to hamadia Doors: the double advantage door!

water resistance and acoustic isolation

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Hamadia's Aquadoor+

Hamadia's Aquadoor+: a series of water resistant doors, durable in wet environments, floor washing, detergents, scratches and breakage

AQUADOOR silence

Exclusive: high durabilityas well as acoustic isolation, leaving noise out

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