Acoustic insulation– up to 34 decibels.


Treated against water damage – doors are sealed with varnish to reduce water and moisture damages.


Wooden texture – slit to look and feel like whole wood


WPC door line - unique alloy of wood and polymer, for increased water resistance.


Flexboard core– flex and wood core for increased acoustic insulation and ideal door weight.


Honey-comb core – classic honeycomb style core, to prevent deformation.


Slides to pocket – door slides into a concealed metal pocket with silent rolling mechanism. 


Sliding on wall door – door and track are visible along the wall.


Double winged door – door can be ordered with either 2 identical wings or different measurements.


Scala doorpost – straight doorpost with 60mm telescopic door lines which create a terraced look. 


Piazza round doorpost – rounded doorpost with 70mm rounded door lines.


Barcelona straight doorpost – straight doorpost with 90mm door lines until edge (zero line). Internal side – telescopic 60mm door line.

The Hamadia Doors factory utilizes recyclable raw materials and reduces use of environmentally-harmful materials.


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Exclusive to hamadia Doors: the double advantage door!

water resistance and acoustic isolation

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Hamadia's Aquadoor+

Hamadia's Aquadoor+: a series of water resistant doors, durable in wet environments, floor washing, detergents, scratches and breakage

AQUADOOR silence

Exclusive: high durabilityas well as acoustic isolation, leaving noise out

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