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Taking up about 30% of the walls in most properties, we strongly believe that a new standard must be set for interior doors, combining smart and functional solutions with a vast variety of designs and styles.

Here are some of the values we at Hamadia Doors hold and go by, which have made Hamadia Doors the outstanding Israeli brand and a Blue & White Pride in the field of interior doors.

Innovation - The Hamadia Doors Company works tirelessly to develop new products that raise the bar in the field of interior doors. Our developments undergo thorough inspections and comply with the most stringent quality standards. Some of our developments have international registered patents, and we are proud to say that our unique interior doors are seen as role models by Israeli and international manufacturers.
Among our famous developments are:  the one-of-a-kind acoustic door; The space saving pocket (sliding) door suitable for small rooms; our designed waterproof interior doors for "wet rooms"; extra tall doors for high ceiling spaces, and many more.

Our Rich Catalog - Our development & production division works tirelessly to provide our end-customers with the best, most beautiful solutions, offering a wide range of designs and countless combinations and specifications. We invite you to browse through our rich catalogue featuring our shelf products and especially our made-to-order offers.
Located in the north of Israel, Hamadia Doors prides itself on its cutting-edge equipment, which has attracted manufacturers from all over the world, who come to learn from us. Hamadia Doors' annual production capacity is about 160,000 doors, facilitating "custom made" work at a very large scale.

Collaborations - Hamadia Doors maintains successful collaborations with architects, builders, developers, project managers and other professionals, with our specialized departments and our constantly available contact team, to meet every request, need or challenge.

Social and environmental awareness – We at Hamadia Doors believe in a socially and environmentally conscious industry. Our 120 plus employees, coming from the Beit Shean and Galilee  regions and from all walks of life, see Hamadia Doors as a stable and secure home and committed workplace. Hamadia Doors also prides itself on its strict adherence to green and environmental standards, understanding the importance and added value of environmental awareness to the Israeli industry.

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Exclusive to hamadia Doors: the double advantage door!

water resistance and acoustic isolation

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Hamadia's Aquadoor+

Hamadia's Aquadoor+: a series of water resistant doors, durable in wet environments, floor washing, detergents, scratches and breakage

AQUADOOR silence

Exclusive: high durabilityas well as acoustic isolation, leaving noise out

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